About Bubbling Springs

Kimberly McCord, RN BSN
Registered Nurse
Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner
Soul Lightening Acupressure Instructor

“Bubbling Spring” is the English translation of the Yong Quan acupressure point. This point is associated with the Kidney meridian which belongs to the water element in the five element system and is associated with cleansing. Much in the same way a spring bubbles forth from the earth, this point at the bottom of the foot provides the place through which we connect deeply with earth-energy along the kidney meridian that flows upward along the inside of the leg and continues along the front of the abdomen and chest. Combined with the energy flowing down through the crown of the head at the Bai Hui (Hundred Convergences) point, our body becomes the meeting place of heaven and earth.

About Kimberly McCord

I have been a practicing critical care nurse for ten years and continue to practice today. I still want to provide care to people at the bedside but I also see a need to help people find a way to deal with stress, anxiety and pain besides with pharmaceuticals alone.

I was first introduced to acupressure five years ago by a nurse practitioner that worked in cardiology. She had experienced how the additive protocol had benefited her patients and she wanted to train nurses on the floor to be able to give acupressure treatments to patients to relieve stress and anxiety and pain.

The wisdom of this resonated with me because I could see that the purely pharmaceutical approach is not always successful alone. If acupressure could ease someone’s suffering then I wanted to learn. I will be honest, as a trained practitioner of western science based medicine, I was skeptical at first. The claims presented by the nurse practitioner were purely anecdotal, but a number of empirical studies such as those done by Ue-Lin Chung and Hamid Sharif Nia as well as study reviews written by Theresa Hernandez show promising results from complementary and alternative methods. I decided to follow this path and learn as much as I could.

During this journey with acupressure I have now given many treatments and have seen amazing healing happen to people at the bedside. I have been fortunate to be accompanied in this journey with several of the nurses with whom I work day to day and we have all experienced the joy of seeing our patient’s anxiety and pain decrease with acupressure.

Even in my own life I have experienced the healing and restoration of balance through acupressure. For many years, I had been holding on to emotional pain that had manifested itself as pain in the left side of my upper back and shoulder. While receiving an acupressure treatment from a coworker, I uncontrollably laughed and stated “I forgive you” aloud. When the treatment was done, my pain was gone and has not returned since. Through my journey with acupressure I have been able to heal myself, my family, and friends, helping them to find balance in their body, mind, and emotions.

Now I want everyone to have a chance to experience their own healing through acupressure. Although patients at the hospital enjoyed and found relief with acupressure, once discharged there is nothing in the community to assist them to continue their journey of healing with acupressure. That is why I’m available to give acupressure treatments and to teach people how to do acupressure on themselves and others through SEVA workshops which I am a certified Soul Lightening International SEVA teacher.