Bring balance in your body,
mind and emotions

Let us help you find your fullest potential.

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Bubbling Springs Acupressure, Albany Oregon
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Welcome to Bubbling Springs Acupressure

Let us help you bring balance in your body, mind, and emotions through the over 5000 year-old practice of acupressure. This practice follows the same energy meridians used in acupuncture, but is experienced through the healing touch of experienced hands. A complementary method to traditional western medical care that can assist you with decreasing stress, anxiety and pain, acupressure can help you in regaining balance in your body and allow you to find your fullest potential.

Your journey has come to the right place. Each of us intuitively understands the basics of acupressure relief. By rubbing your temples when you have a headache or reaching for the hand of a friend when your feel scared or anxious, you are experiencing the most basic form of acupressure.

Our founder, Kimberly McCord is a registered nurse and a certified practitioner and instructor of acupressure carrying over ten years of experience caring for the body and the mind. Let her experience and knowledge help you to find your fullest potential.

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Learn more about Bubbling Springs Acupressure and our founder and practitioner, Kimberly McCord.

Acupressure is based on the most ancient principles of healing. See our available services and pricing.

Bubbling Springs offers 60 minute classes on stress release using the basics of acupressure.